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Vitamin / Nutrient Testing

How Do You Know What Vitamins / Nutrients You Should Be Taking?

Lakeville, MN - Nutrient Deficiency Testing

In our clinics we have a saying…"We Don’t Guess...We TEST!" The Proof is in the Report!

While maintaining a balanced diet and taking multivitamins are great ways to be healthier, they’re not enough to achieve OPTIMAL nutritional balance. You are NOT what you eat, you are what you ABSORB and we're finding more and more people with GI challenges (IBS, leaky gut, Crohn's, gluten intolerance etc.) that aren't absorbing the key nutrients needed for optimal health. 

With our nutrient deficiency test, we can accurately and OBJECTIVELY assess what YOUR body needs, and what your diet is failing to provide. Everybody has different nutritional needs and we encourage patients NOT to guess with their health.

Deficiency testing identifies these "shortages" so we can work to compensate for them, either by making changes in your diet or by taking nutritional supplements.

By testing for nutrient deficiencies we can help you design a personalized plan for maintaining your overall health and increasing your level of wellness or finding an underlying ROOT CAUSE that's causing a health challenge.

Our nutrient deficiency testing looks at 34 different vitamins & nutrients.

  • What Are Some Symptoms Of Vitamin Deficiencies? 

    • Weight Loss Resistance
    • Hormonal Imbalance
    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Anxiety / Depression
    • Poor Immune Function
    • Numbness & Tingling In Hands and Feet
    • Digestive Problems
    • Sexual Dysfunction / Infertility
    • Headaches / Migraines
    • Insomnia
    • Slower Healing
    • Mental Decline / Poor Memory

    WHY Are Nutrient Deficiencies So Common?

    There are many reasons WHY a person may be nutrient deficient. Let's highlight a few of the most common reasons: 

    1. Poor Absorption - You are NOT what you are what you ABSORB. With digestive challenges such as leaky gut, celiac disease, Crohn's disease, IBS etc on the rise...the cascade effect is poor absorption or malabsorption of key nutrients & vitamins necessary for optimal health and function. It is simply HARDER to get the necessary nutrients into the bloodstream and into the cells. 

    A very important concept to understand is this. Roughly 40% of the U.S. is GLUTEN INTOLERANT or "sensitive" to gluten. If you are among these 40% who is intolerant...gluten destroys the small intestine. It literally carves off the villi in your small intestine. Your small intestine is where you absorb MOST of your nutrients. What happens then is you become nutrient deficient as a consequence of being sensitive to gluten. The most common deficiencies resulting from a gluten sensitivity is the B-Vitamins and vitamin D. We don't know exactly WHICH vitamin or nutrient until we test.

    2. Lifestyle - Prescription medications, smoking, alcohol, physical & emotional stressors all impact nutrient status. 

    For example, NSAIDS (Motrin, Aleve, Advil etc.) can lead to folic acid deficiency (vitamin B9), panthothenic acid (vitamin B5), as well as vitamin C and Iron. 

    Anti-inflammatories (Prednisone etc.) can lead to deficiencies in vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 & vitamin B9 (folic acid)

    3. Standard American Diet (SAD) - Another cause of nutrient deficiencies is the standard American diet which tends to be full of processed / manufactured foods that have little to no vitamin / nutrient value. 

    We tell our patients...

    "If the food has a's probably best NOT to eat it!"

    4. Individual Uniqueness - We are all unique individuals with different needs. Our needs differ at age 50 vs age 20. 

    This is why we recommend customized testing based on YOUR individual needs. Remember, a multivitamin is going to provide minimal amounts of everything, however, it rarely will fix a nutrient deficiency. 

    We don't guess...we TEST! From there we provide you with an OBJECTIVE look at exactly what vitamins / supplements you should be taking.

    Remember - We Help Patients From All Across The Twin Cities Get Tested!

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