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What to Expect


You will experience a level of care at Infinity Holistic Healthcare that is truly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Unlike most doctors’ visits that are short and rushed, we take the time to listen to our patients and identify the underlying factors that are keeping you sick or in pain.

Prior To Your First Appointment

Please download, print and fill out the new patient intake form. The intake form can be lengthy so we suggest filling out prior to your appointment to save you time. 

Give yourself plenty of time to fill out these forms. Be sure to include any lab results or tests your doctors have performed in the last few years or anything that you feel is relevant to your current health complaints.

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment with Dr. Mannie will last approximately 1 hour. During this time you will discuss your intake paperwork and previous lab results, as well as your health history, and do a physical exam. By the end of this appointment, the doctor will have a good idea of what steps need to come next, as well as what lab tests need to be ordered.

At the end of this appointment you should leave with an order form and/or test kit for any necessary lab tests that need to be run. It is unlikely that the doctor will send you home with any supplements or vitamins after this visit, but she may make some preliminary dietary suggestions.

Your Second Appointment

Your second appointment is generally scheduled 1-2 weeks after your first appointment, depending on how long the lab results take to come in. This appointment will last for approximately 60 minutes.

It is during this appointment that you and Dr. Mannie sit down and dissect any lab work that was ordered during your first appointment. The doctor will go over what everything means on the tests and when possible, explain how it relates to your condition(s) or symptoms. He will send you home with a summary of her interpretation of your results, as well as your treatment plan.

Based on the information gathered in your initial appointment and your lab tests Dr. Mannie will put together your initial treatment plan. This plan may evolve and grow during your time with us. At the end of this appointment you should leave with a summary of your new lab results, a treatment plan, supplements and vitamins, and a diet plan.

Third Appointment and Beyond

It is important to monitor your progress during your treatment at our office. 20 minute “check in” appointments are scheduled every few weeks for the rest of your treatment plan with us. These appointments are designed for you to give feedback to the doctor, update her on your progress and any setbacks, and discuss any change in symptoms you have experienced. These appointments also provide Dr. Mannie with the opportunity to modify your treatment plan if the need arises.

Functional medicine is typically a cumulative process - one that requires the doctor to gather information and modify your treatment plan as you progress. Though Dr. Mannie is very good at what he does, it is highly unlikely that the first treatment plan you are given will be the final treatment plan that ultimately gets you better. 

Follow up appointments allow Dr. Mannie to keep learning more about your body by observing how you react to her treatments, dietary changes, and supplements and make changes as necessary. Each new reaction, both good and bad, add yet another important piece to your puzzle.

Some lab tests need to be re-done every so often to monitor your progress and confirm your treatment plan’s effectiveness. In general, blood work is re-done every 3-4 months, hormone panels may be re-run in as much as 6 months, and some tests do not need to be performed again at all. Whenever a new batch of labs is conducted, your following visit will be another hour long lab review appointment.


1. You have the responsibility to accurately and completely provide all clinical personnel with the health information they need including any medications that you are taking.

2. You have the responsibility to follow the directions of the physician with regard to diet, supplementation and programs.

3. You have the responsibility to inform the physician if you do not understand any directions or you do not understand the course of treatment planned for you.

4. You have the responsibility to timely pay all medical bills which are not in dispute and to forward to us any monies you receive from any insurance company for our services.

5. Your payments are due at the time services are rendered.



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